Friday, August 30, 2013

Chunky Crochet Ear Warmer - - - FREE Pattern

I'm sharing the pattern for my Chunky Crochet Ear Warmer, I love it so much I've decided this one is mine!!!  Make one for yourself, make one for a friend.  They are great gifts and work up quickly!  Have FUN!!

What you will need - - -

Crochet hooks size N and G

Bulky weight yarn - Main color

Worsted weight yarn - Contrast color


Earwarmer - With main color and N hook, chain 44.  Join with slip stitch to first chain being careful not to twist the chain.

Round 1 – Ch 1, hdc in each st around, join with sl st to first hdc (44st)

Round 2 – Ch 1, hdc in blo in each st around, join with sl st to first hdc (44st)

Round 3 thru 5 – Repeat round 2.

Fasten off, weave in ends.


Flower - With worsted weight and G hook

Round 1 - chain 4, join with sl st to make loop, (sc, ch3, sc) 5 times in the loop.

Round 2 – (sc, ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1, sc) in each of the 5 loops of round 1.

Round 3 – working behind petals, (sc around spoke of petal, ch 4) around.

Round 4 – (sc, ch 1, 5 dc, ch 1, sc) around.

Round 5 – working behind petals, (sc around spoke of petal, ch 5) around.

Round 6 – (sc, ch 1, 7 dc, ch 1, sc) around.

Join with sl st to first ch, fasten off weave in ends.

Attach button to center of flower and use hot glue to attach flower to alligator clip.


- Don’t have any Bulky yarn on hand?  No problem,  just double up on worsted weight holding 2 strands together throughout! (Pictured below)

-  Easily make your ear warmer bigger or smaller by changing the number of beginning chains.

- Make a chain and wrap it around your head to determine length of chain that is right for you, but be sure to allow for stretch!



  1. This was the perfect width! I should have probably chained a few more before starting though...I think I would prefer a button so I don't mess up my hair getting it on and there an easy way to mod this to add a buttonhole and not slip stitch together at the seam? I'm a beginner.

  2. Allison, you don't need to make a button hole.. Just get a button as big as the hole in the headband. Sew button on band,I would use 2 large decorative buttons on this one and have those new the decoration instead of the flower.

  3. Alison, this ear warmer is worked in the round, not in rows. A button hole would not work for this type of pattern. I am attaching a link for a free pattern on ravelry that I have done that is worked in rows! This one shouldn't mess up your hair!

  4. What does "in blo in" mean on round 2 of the ear warmer, and what is the spoke of the petal could you be a bit more descriptive please or show some pictures?

  5. Does this pattern fit snuggly on the head, but yet has some stretch factor to it so it can fit anyone's head?
    Thank you.

  6. Can you clarify Round 3 please? I'm not sure how to sc behind the petal. Thanks!

  7. This is just what I was looking for to make for my daughter. I hope I have the right crochet hooks. Thanks for the pattern.

  8. I did mine in rows with pattern above and came out perfect

  9. I was wondering which side you considered the front on the band. I couldn't tell by your pictures. Thank you!